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How to Reset Netgear Extender – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Reset Netgear Extender: Firstly before you begin with the reset process resetting Netgear extender will erase all the previous data and settings.

If you want to reset  Netgear extender. Then this guide will surely help to get your extender to reset to the factory setting. But, before we dig into the process of resetting the extender. We need to understand in what cases, we need to reset  Netgear extender.

  • In case, if you change the router’s Wi-Fi Name and Password.
  • If you change your internet service provider (ISP) and router.
  • If You forget your login password.

All these scenarios are the most common reasons, people want to reset their extender.

Steps to Reset Netgear Extender:

  • Plug your extender to the power and wait for the solid light.
  • Once you get solid light, then use a paper clip.
  • Insert paperclip in a factory reset hole and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  • Light will start blinking, then take out the paperclip and let it boot up.
  • It will take about 1 minute to boot up.

To check if your extender is reset or not. You can go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and check if you are getting NTEGEAR_EXT under Wi-Fi connections. If you are getting, NETGEAR_EXT, it means your extender is reset to the factory settings.

Setup Netgear Extender Via WPS:

To Setup Netgear Extender via WPS. Make sure WPS is enabled on the router. To enable WPS on the router, the user can log in to the router and enable it. Secondly, if the user does not know how to do it. Then, he can call his router provider and tell them to enable WPS on the router.

Once, the WPS is enabled on the router. Then, plug your extender into the power and wait for the solid power light on power. Now, the user can press WPS on the router and within 2 minutes press the WPS on the extender as well.

After, pressing WPS on both, you will get two lights on it (Power and Signal). If you are getting two lights that means the extender is working.

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