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Netgear EX6110 Setup

EX6110 extender is a fairly easy to setup extender that works with almost every router. Netgear EX6110 setup can be done through or WPS

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LED Behavior of Netgear EX6110

EX6110 has 4 lights on the front panel. Consist of Power LED, WPS LED, Router link LED and Device Link LED.

Power LED:

  • Off means that the extender is not getting power.
  • Solid Amber denotes that the extender is blinking.
  • Solid Green means that the extender is powered on.


  • Off means, WPS is not in use.
  • Blinking Green means that the WPS connection is initiated.
  • Solid Green means that the WPS connection is established.

Router Link LED:

Router link LED stipulates connection between your wireless router and the extender.

  • Off means no connection to the router.
  • Solid Green means that the extender has the best connection with the router.
  • Stable Amber means that the connection between your router and extender is OK or Good.
  • Solid Red means the poor connection between your extender and the router.

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